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A freestyles over Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq” to display her gritty bars and strong punchlines.Along for the ride are Redlyfe members La Danger and Rell.Rumors of unprofessional conduct on sets and other bad behavior have long plagued the Bynes-hating tabloid fixture, making it no big surprise that she's had a notable gap in employment since her role in 2010's unintentional comedy event of the season.It's a place where off-the-grid stars discreetly make ends meet, where former A-listers go to retire and D-listers dream of being discovered, and where cheesy made-for-TV originals and straight-to-DVD tales of murderous boyfriends and flocks of wild horses coexist in sweet, sweet harmony.I I'm in east New York where them things bump If a nigga die we don't talk, shh That's Brooklyn nigga Them TEC-9s'll cook a nigga Turn his brains into pudding nigga I'm not a killer but don't push a nigga I swear to god I will pull it nigga Middle finger to them lookin' niggas You say you got shooters on the roof Well I got shooters in the bushes nigga Never ever been a pussy type But I know a lot of pussy dykes Your shit's trash, you can't rap And the engineer should've took your mic You ain't a thug, you the mushy type Fall in love and be hooked for life You the type that'll kill your bitch If she tried to leave and get booked for life I'm really a calm nigga but the niggas round me is really rowdy I'm the type if I don't fuck with you Don't come near me, don't come around me This loud pack that we smokin' on Got the whole car lookin' really cloudy I'm riding 'round in that white Chevy but my next whip is that black Audi It's Brooklyn nigga, that's King's County Niggas hate, don't know a thing about me Only real niggas I bring around me Fuck your foriegns, I rock Jordans With a tank top and a Jesus piece That flashy shit you niggas wearing really don't mean shit to me I got young boys that'll rob you For your ACs and credit cards too With that 380 it ain't hard to So cooperate or they sparkin' you I was born alone, I'ma die alone Fuck friends I don't need any I love money, I get money I got money and I got plenty Mr Hayes, when they let you out I'm right there with them weapons out You a fake blood, a disloyal nigga And they gone have to bring them stretchers out Cause I'm not playing 20 shots, pussy clot to your chest nigga You killed my brother now you rest nigga Naw, fuck that, I got more to say I know these hoes ain't loyal Motherfucker I wasn't born today Fuck M. ], bring a cask' out I'm the best in it and the last out I'm the last out and the best in it Y'all hiding niggas bring the mask out Y'all garbage niggas keep the trash out If you talkin' shit you better watch your mouth Cause your snot box will get busted out I don't talk 'bout it, I walk it out I'm 19 and my stance strong My money green and my pen lean I'm a damn fiend for this damn green Hit the damn scene with the fam, homies, and the damn team I been here and I been there Her pussy wet, no swimwear But I'm in there with my army gear Can't trust hoes, don't trust niggas Just trust yourself and your fucking figures I did this and I did that Her pussy fat, I did that and I did this And I'm all about my business And there ain't no competition, I'm vicious In the booth I put a nigga on the hit list Dear god can I get a witness? E I'm just tryna grind and duck the Ds I told niggas I don't gang bang but for my bro I throw up them Bs It's Pain Gang, Red Lyfe Don't fuck with them and don't fuck with me This is Brooklyn nigga, what the fuck you mean?

Alternatively, they may have fiddled with your personal details — such as your age, address, job or information about past claims — to get a cheaper price.Hackers can often easily break your passwords if they have your name, age and email address — all information freely available on the internet.You’ll usually be caught out by this if you don’t have up-to-date internet security.Your passwords are your first line of defence, so use a different one for each account.Cheaper technology is allowing criminals to read bank cards by fitting a tiny electronic gadget to the card slot on a cash or ticket machine.

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